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LG 42 Inch BRACKET LSW240  for 42″ TV, with model BRACKETLSW240 .

It is very affordable and easy to install.

This universal bracket can be used to hang TV sets on the wall. It can accommodate TVs of 60 Inches.

An advantage that comes with purchasing this LG 42 Inch BRACKET LSW240 is that it can be done by one’s self. It comes with simple and easy to understand instructions on the package.

LG LG 42 Inch BRACKET LSW240 comes with nuts and bolts. It is made with durable material that has been coated with anti-rust paint.

The steel used to make this wall bracket is resilient and can withstand pressure, so put away your fear of your brand new TV crashing to the ground.

Caps and nuts that come with this installation kit are guaranteed to be of high quality. The TV is guaranteed to stay put without falling.

With all these components that come with the kit, jobs get done rapidly hence saving money and time.

  • 42 Inch TV Bracket
  • For 42″ TV
  • Zinc coat to prevent rust
  • Resilient metal
  • Comes with bolts and nuts
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

Having this installation kit is a must have for any handy man as it makes the job way simple and easy. It is also advisable that as an owner of the product, you ensure that this kit is used to install your TV to ensure a longer life span.

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